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Engineering Mockups

  Creation of a non-functioning mockup is a hallmark of our rapid prototyping process. While 3D modeling is useful, the creation of a mockup ensures that your proposed cable design will fit your application correctly when the first functioning unit is produced. This not only saves time and tooling costs but also provides you with a tangible discussion item to review with others in your organization.  
Dynamic mockups, such as those demonstrating a flex application, are even more critical as they often will assist you in confirming performance characteristics necessary to your design.  
Mockups typically take 1-2 weeks to produce.
If you can provide a sample of your chassis or your own mockup/SLA of your next assembly, we can be assured of an excellent fit and return it to you with the cable mockup installed. The pictures on this page are but a sample of the many mockups we have provided for customer review.

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