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Conventional Hardwire Harnessing

For use in simpler applications where cost is of primary concern. Unique can build-to-print or assist in designing a custom harness. Areas of expertise in this product family include highly flexible gimbaled cables and harnesses with encapsulated connectors for strain relief and environmental protection. In addition, we have extensive experience manufacturing militarized outdoor cables using off-the-shelf materials.

Molded Flat Ribbon Cables

Our ribbon molding technology provides a means of packaging any type, size, and combination of conductors into either polyurethane or silicone ribbons that can then be attached to connectors, headers, switches, printed circuit boards, or any other type of terminating receptacle. Consider a molded flat ribbon when your design calls for flexibility, flex life, repeatability, reliability, circuit integrity, resistance to vibration, weight reduction, ease of installation and/or flexible EMI shielding.